About Us


About Us

Shir & Jamie are not your average BFFs with a serious case of wanderlust.

NOT UR AVG is a place for globetrotters, health nuts, and adventure seekers alike! We wanted to create a lifestyle brand to express who we are and what we love. Our daily experiences differ from the AVG because of our heightened perspective of life – from 6 feet above the ground! We hope that you’ll be inspired by our stories and aspirations!

xx, S&J

EST. 2013

The first time we met was during our freshman year at The University of Florida in a mutual friend’s dorm room (s/o Maral!). The first thing Shir said to Jamie was “Woah, you’re tall! What size shoe are you?” Jamie agreed to stand up to compare heights with Shir, who was extremely excited to finally have a friend to share a wardrobe with. Upon also realizing that we were both Marketing majors, we inevitably spent countless hours together studying and meeting up for coffee before class. Little did we know what was in store for the following four years of college; from modeling in local fashion shows, to sharing adventures across beautiful European cities, one could say it wasn’t UR AVG college experience.

NOT UR AVG was first conceptualized after our summer studying abroad; Jamie studied in Madrid and Shir in Paris. Our friends loved hearing about our crazy adventures and constantly asked us for recommendations for their own European excursions. Now, with the click of a button, we can send them a link to our latest trip so that they can experience a NOT UR AVG adventure for themselves!

One year ago, after our usual Sunday brunch and “light shopping” in NYC, we decided to create the first NOT UR AVG post at one of our favorite rooftop bars, Salvation Taco. We set up shop with nothing more than a laptop and two delicious cocktails in the lounge area of the bar. The atmosphere and design of Salvation Taco was the perfect place to set the wheels in motion.

This past April, we graduated from The University of Florida, both achieving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing. We didn’t want to take the traditional path everyone takes in life post-grad; that 9-5 job at a corporate office. Instead, we want to form experiences and create a brand that embodies who we are, while at the same time completing our studies in subjects that we are truly passionate in.

Shir is currently working toward a Masters in International Business because of her diverse background and affinity for global business and cultural competency. Jamie is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design to capitalize on her creative mind and innate talent for design. This fall, Jamie will stay in NYC to begin her Masters program at New York School of Interior Design, while Shir will be moving to Tel Aviv for six months to complete her degree at Tel Aviv University.

Together, we share a passion for languages and travel, health and wellness, and most importantly, FOOD! Jamie follows a mostly plant-based diet due to dietary restrictions and Shir keeps Kosher, which limits her to a pescatarian diet unless she eats at a kosher restaurant. Jamie speaks Spanish and Shir speaks French and Hebrew, but we both have a common goal to be authentic. We want to show people that you can achieve your best life as long as you are wildly passionate about what you love. We are true believers in getting an education, whether it be through a University, technical school, working, or even traveling to explore other cultures. Opening your mind up to new opinions, lifestyles, and knowledge is what helps one grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a challenge, but it is rewarding every time. We are all about new experiences and challenging ourselves to be our best selves! 


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Deciding to take a break from the beautiful beaches of South Florida, Shir took her talents to NYC this summer, where she interned for an advertising agency. She comes from Moroccan and Israeli descent, in addition to French heritage, thanks to her mother. She has a passion for languages and travel, which began in the 3rd grade when her parents sent her to Israel alone for the summer to visit family. She speaks French and Hebrew fluently thanks to her parents and her semester spent abroad in Paris in 2015. Shir is currently on track for her Masters in International Business and will complete it abroad in Tel Aviv. She’s figuring out her future one day at a time, but for now, she’s busy advancing her marketing skills by day and working on NOT UR AVG by night!

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Born and raised on the east coast of South Florida, Jamie has a love for sunny days by the water. She was destined to attend the University of Florida, where her parents first met and inevitably brainwashed both her and her younger brother to attend, too! Currently based in New York City, she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design at New York School of Interior Design. She has an insatiable desire to create beautifully designed spaces and is determined to combine her two passions: design and wellness. In her free time, she enjoys trying out new fitness classes and developing health-conscious recipes.

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