How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

With flu season starting back up again, it is so important to maintain your health, especially while travelling! We’ve compiled our top 5 tips below for staying healthy while on the go:


1. hydrate hydrate hydrate

The day before you plan to fly, drink tons and tons of water. Basically you should be drinking so much water it’s concerning. Trust us, the airplane sucks allll of the water out of your body – your skin will thank you!

2. boost your immune system

It never hurts to take a few ginger + turmeric shots from your favorite local juice bar the day of/before a flight! These help fight all of the germs you’ll encounter on the plane. Also remember to pack some vitamin c pills (the real thing – not airborne), echinacea, and black elderberry pills (we love the brand Gaia, at Whole Foods) in case you start feeling sick.

3. pack healthy snacks

There is nothing worse than being stuck at an airport, starving, with no good food in sight (why can’t airports get this right already?!). While we’ll admit that some airports are getting better about providing healthy options (s/o Delta terminal at LGA), you truly never know what you’re going to get and want to have healthy snacks on hand just in case!

Some of our favorite plane-friendly snacks are energy bars (we love Elemental Superfoods, Perfect Bar & RXbar), GF oatmeal (pack a 1/2 cup in a ziplock bag and ask for hot water anywhere), or even picking up a salad from your fave restaurant on your way to the airport. Jamie loves packing her PACK-IT freezable lunch bag full of snacks pre-flight and has never had trouble getting it through TSA!

4. research restaurants before you land

This part is our personal favorite! We always look up a few healthy restaurants and local grocery stores before we get to a new city. We’re always hungry, so this way we have a list of places to go to right when we get off the plane and we’re not left making unhealthy decisions. Traveling takes a lot out of your body, so it’s nice to have a list of restaurants on hand when you’re feeling tired.

5. workout pre-flight

There’s nothing like getting a good sweat in, especially if you’re about to be sitting down all day. Because travelling can cause unexpected delays, working out before your flight will ensure you get some movement in that day… just be sure to shower before your flight! 😉

What are your top 5 tips when travelling? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!




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