Tel Aviv Top 5: Vegan Restaurants

Hello all-Shir here! As you may or may not know, I’m currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I’m super excited to announce my new segment called “Tel Aviv Top 5”. For those of you who know me you know how “on-the-go” I am, especially when I’m in a new place. These past 6 months I’ve dined at an embarrassing amount of restaurants, experienced the amazing nightlife, swam in the best beaches, spent the day in Israel’s beautiful nature, and so much more. We learn every day and discover new things all the time, which is why each post of this TT5 is a draft that will be updated if needed. I’m so excited to share with you all of the reasons why I love Israel through this segment! 

April 12, 2018

(will update if I discover a restaurant that must be on this list)

And the first ever Tel Aviv TOP 5 is……VEGAN RESTAURANTS. Did you know that Tel Aviv is the vegan capital of the WORLD? It’s impossible to walk down any street and not pass by a restaurant with this sticker on the door:



With over 400 vegan/vegetarian restaurants scattered throughout the city, I know that I still have a long list of restaurants to try out. That’s why I added the date above. In a few months, I will make another post with new vegan restaurants I have tried and rank them against these top 5 for you all. (Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list on your right!)

416: Four One Six

~130 shekels pp ($37)

Not only is this the best vegan restaurant I’ve been to in Israel, but it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in my entire life. If you haven’t seen the NOT UR AVG EATS 416 YouTube vlog (wearing the ASOS Tall collection) about my entire dining experience, I’m going to save you the reading. Go watch that video! All I’m saying, is that I have never seen a restaurant be as creative with their food as 416 does. Also, they have INCREDIBLE cocktails.


DOSA bar

~60 shekels pp ($17)

This next vegan restaurant is a cute, little Indian restaurant on Ben Yehuda street. The food is so flavorful, if you like spicy you’ll be satisfied with the heat options, and there are so many options! Everything about this place is amazing: the appetizers, main course, desserts, service, decor, and best of all price. Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to eat vegan on a budget; and DOSA proves me right. Oh and do NOT skip dessert.



~90 shekels pp ($25)

This beautiful restaurant not only has amazing food, but such great vibes as well. The place is beautifully decorated with an option to sit in its extensive balcony or aroma-filled indoor area. The menu constantly changes because the chef and owners like to spice things up with seasonal produce and new ideas.



~80 shekels pp ($23)

This place is a cute “outdoorsy” restaurant with so many different options to choose from, you won’t know whee to begin! I’ve been a few times so I’ve tasted a good amount of the menu (you know the drill…go with a bunch of people and share a few dishes). If you’re looking for a healthy and simple brunch place, this is it! You can come for dinner too, but not my dinner vibes.

Anastasia vegan brunch



~60 shekels pp ($17)

Citizen markets itself as a coffee shop, but the food is too good to just go just for a matcha latte. (YES- MATCHA LATTES IN ISRAEL) I’m going to have to admit, but this restaurant is not fully vegan; they sell a couple products containing dairy. Most of the dishes are vegan, but technically Citizen is “vegan friendly”. This place is my HOME. I’m kinda bff’s with the owners (don’t be jealous it’s okay…just tell them Shir from NOT UR AVG sent you and you’re in heh) and the restaurant is inspired by NYC restaurants (Butcher’s Daughter and Jack’s Wife Freda to be exact). I’ve tasted almost every dish on the menu here because of how much I love their food: the salads are incredible and filling, the matcha and turmeric lattes are mouth watering, and the toasts are so creative and good that it’ll deff reach 600 likes on insta.


Comment your favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv! I’m always open to new recommendations- let’s see if you comment one I haven’t dined at yet 😉

Let me know what you think the next “Tel Aviv Top 5” should be!




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