5 Podcasts for your Holiday Travels

Traveling this holiday season? Whenever we have travel plans, we make sure to download several podcasts to keep us occupied! Below are a few of our faves sure to keep you entertained:

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Hosted by TSC herself, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, and her husband, Michael Bosstick, these two feature amazing hosts to discuss everything from beauty, business, blogging and then some. We loved their recent episodes with Gal Meets Glam founders, comedian Heather McMahan, and wellness coach Melissa Wood.

u up?

Single? Live in NYC? This is the podcast for you. Jared (stand up comic) and Jordana (co-founder of betches) guide you through a realistic look at what dating looks like in 2018. Even if you’re in relationship, this podcast is a hilarious and relatable look at modern day dating.

The Morning Toast

This is the millennial morning show! If you’re already a Toaster, you know what’s good. If not, tune into The Morning Toast weekdays at 10:30a.m. on YouTube (or listen later that day when episodes are uploaded to the podcast app)! Hosted by @girlwithnojob and @jackieoproblems, this podcast talks all things celebrity gossip and everyday, need-to-know news!

Congratulations with Chris D’elia

After endless recommendations to listen to this podcast, we finally took the plunge and now we’re HOOKED. You probably already know Chris D’elia from his stand up comedy or acting. If you’re into comedy at all, this is a must listen… we can’t keep a straight face when listening to this podcast!

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

We all know and love JVN from Queer Eye, but in his podcast, he delves into a closer look at subjects he’s curious about! These podcasts are both hilarious and seriously informative. A few of our favorite episodes are “How Are You Bridging Social Media & Lady-Entrepreneurship? with Reese Witherspoon”, “What’s it Like Being the Voice of a Generation? with Michelle Wolf”, and “What’s Your Origin Story? with Bobby Berk”.

We hope you enjoy this list of our favorites during your travels! Find all of these in the Apple podcast app, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Comment below your favorite podcasts and we’ll give them a listen.


Shir + Jamie

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