Weekend Guide to New York City

There’s nothing better than a girl’s weekend in the city! Here’s our take on the perfect 3 day weekend in NYC.


This past summer, I flew to NYC for a weekend to learn more about the Interior Design industry there and, of course, visit my BFF Shir. Shir had just finished moving into her great apartment and was busy preparing for the exciting weekend ahead.


Preparing for the arrival of Ja’mie (if you’ve seen Ja’mie Private School Girl, then you know what I’m talking about), I asked my boss if I could leave early because there was so much to do and so little time. My roommates also had visitors in town so we knew it was going to be an eventful weekend, to say the least!


With three days in the city, we knew that we would be crunched on girl time (aka shopping/drinking/eating time). Lucky for us, Shir’s Obsessive-Planning-Disorder set up our entire weekend by the hour (reservations are her BFF). We planned to meet the following day at 12:00p.m. at By Chloe.

☆☆☆☆☆ By Chloe was the perfect first place to take health food-nut Jamie. This vegan/organic/kosher restaurant in the heart of West Village is one of Shir’s faves; between the food and the interior decor, she knew that it would become one of Jamie’s too. Peep below for a pic of Shir and her favorite kind of water (coco water: the key to her heart) & a look at their fabulous meal.

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5 pounds later, we made our way over to one of our favorite shopping spots, TopShop, to find the perfect outfits for that night’s events. In the heart of NYC heaven, aka Soho, lies the 3-story TopShop that we spent hours getting lost in. After about three hours spent trying on 50 outfits in the fitting room, we each came out with a choker necklace (basic… we know. we were overwhelmed).

After so many hours in the day already spent shopping, we knew we had to race home to get ready in time for the happiest of hours! What we thought would be a quick 30-minute touch up turned into the usual 2 hour event to get ready. Soon enough, we were on our way to a popular rooftop bar in the LES (Lower East Side, for you non-locals… psh), Mr. Purple. As soon as we sat down, we ordered drinks and tapas, because what’s a night without some tapas? Halfway through the night, we spotted a guy wearing a cool black hat that read “New Fuckin’ York” and we knew that we had to get an Insta-worthy pic in that hat. Shir, being the shameless one she is, called him over to further inquire about the cool hat. We quickly learned that he graduated from our University and is THE CREATOR OF THE HAT! The best part was that he had a spare one for photo ops. Click here to access the website for cool hats!


☆☆☆☆☆ Mr. Purple is a beautiful rooftop bar on the top of Hotel Indigo. By day it is the perfect place to chill by the pool and by night it turns into a great lounge area with an incredible skyline view. Between the ambiance and the incredible hand-crafted drinks, this spot is definitely worth the hype.

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We knew that the night was just beginning, so we hopped over to a close-by popular spot: Tijuana Picnic. We are not exaggerating when we tell you that when we stepped into this place it was deserted. We sat down at the bar, Shir ordered a goat cheese and mushroom taco (because goat cheese), and we all ordered drinks. We decided on moscow mules (Jamie’s drink of choice), but we didn’t expect the fiery rage that was about to ensue… aka moscow mule feat. a literal chili pepper! Princess Ja’mie was NOT having it and Shir came to the rescue with her good looks and persuasion to get Jamie a new free drink. As soon as that drink ordering fiasco was handled, we turned around to find that the place was poppin’. We have no idea when or how it happened, but we were so happy that it did!

Later on in the night, because the night is always young, our friend invited us to ACME, an exclusive and underground cocktail lounge, where we danced the night away until the clock was struck about 5:00a.m. That’s when we knew that  it was finally time to get a few hours of beauty sleep before our 12:00p.m. workout class the next day… We told you, precise schedule!


Saturday morning, when the clock struck 10:00a.m., we rolled out of bed and squeezed into our cutest workout outfits to prepare for our afternoon workout class at ModelFit. We grabbed a latte, because Jamie literally cannot function without her morning coffee, and met up with some friends who were also joining us for the class. Per usual, we were running late, and got in the class a few minutes after it started. There were no celebs taking that day’s class so we were saved the embarrassment from a dirty look from T-Swift. The class was an hour long and was definitely the perfect amount of sweat that we needed to work off the night before.

ModelFit’s studio is in Nolita (by Little Italy) and is the perfect spot for a sporty photo-op. So, of course, we had our friends take pictures of us in this incredible studio. This was the perfect spot for us to showcase our matching brand new workout sets from MondayActive who paired up with Bandier. If you know S&J, you know that we are obsessed with Tash and Dev, the creators of ABikiniADay. We like to pretend that we’re a 6-foot tall version of them (or Kendall and Gigi, you take your pick). Our dreams came true later that day when they 1. Liked our pic 2. Commented on our pic & 3. Reposted our pic on the MondayActive Instagram: The ULTIMATE fangirl moment! But seriously, we were jumping up and down on the sidewalk, causing a few heads to turn our way, but didn’t care because we were just that excited.

☆☆☆☆☆ ModelFit is housed in a converted downtown Manhattan factory space built in 1900, and was most recently used as a photo studio. If you know ModelFit, you know that this is the fave workout spot of celebs like Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss when they’re out and about the city together.


“I like the idea that you don’t need a ton of equipment, that working out can be as simple as using your own body weight and a water bottle.”

-Karlie Kloss talking about ModelFit in an interview with Vogue


Post-workout sesh, it was brunch time, because what else do you expect girls to do on a weekend? We headed over to Chalk Point Kitchen, which was incredible. Pictured below is the CPK Avocado Hash, the Roasted Carrot Heirloom Salad, the Falafel Salad and, of course, a few brunch cocktails.

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We spent the rest of the day shopping and exploring the city before heading home to get ready for our second night out. Our friends invited us to their beautiful apartment in the Meatpacking District by the One World Trade Center. So, the whole entourage of people living in our apartment that weekend piled into 2 Ubers and headed on over to the pre-party. Around midnight, we all made our way over to a club called Nighty Night. It wasn’t S&J’s preferable club but we stayed for half an hour or so with the group before ditching to head over to one of Shir’s favorite clubs in NYC, 1 Oak. Being 6 feet tall helps in these situations because we casually walked into the club and, of course, straight to the VIP section where we partied for the rest of the night.


☆☆☆☆☆ This club truly stands by it’s name 1 Of A Kind with it’s infamous “Ended up at 1 Oak” sign and celebrity-heavy clientele. The dark and mysterious interior decor and top-notch music will make any ordinary night a magical one.


*Crying tears of joy*… The day that NOTURAVG truly began!

It’s Sunday morning so you know we weren’t going to miss out out on another fabulous brunch! But where to… In a city filled with thousands of restaurants how can two girls settle on just one?! Fortunately, Shir’s Obsessive-Planning-Disorder came in handy yet again and reservations were set for 1:00pm (late brunch for a late night) at The Crooked Knife. Our crew definitely needed this brunch- trust us! We were zombies and there was nothing coming between Jamie and her morning coffee.

☆☆☆☆ The Crooked Knife has a cute setup, beginning at the front door where you descend down a cute staircase. The restaurant has a very homey feel with its large sofas and coffee-table style surfaces. If you make a reservation ahead of time, you have the option of sitting in their beautiful outdoor area. (SHOCKING NEWS: Shir didn’t make the reservation far enough in advance, so we sat in the couch area, which ended up being pretty cozy. Food was delicious, although nothing spectacular in our opinion).

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After brunch, S&J decided to part ways with the rest of the pack and hit up some more shopping spots, because girls + free Sunday afternoon = major shopping time. After a stroll down a few blocks we saw none other than the Milk Bar sign; IT WAS A SIGN *no pun intended*. We had to go in and test out the infamous milk soft serve ice cream!

☆☆☆☆☆ Momofuku Milk Bar – The ice cream was delicious! We got the fruity pebbles cereal milk flavor. *Moment of silence* Best. Thing. Ever! Do you remember when you were a kid and you ate a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, just to drink the leftover sweet and fruity milk at the end? Well, it was basically the leftover Fruity Pebbles Milk, but frozen. In addition to the mouth-watering soft serve, we had to try the infamous Klossie. If you haven’t figured it out already from our other blog posts, Karlie Kloss is one of our favorite people of all time. We were so excited to try her gluten-free, charitable, “cookies” that she created in collaboration with Milk. It’s okay to binge on these… no gluten, no problem!


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Even though as much as we want life to be one big weekend, we all know that it can’t. The following day, Shir and Jamie met up for lunch at a local salad spot and Jamie gifted Shir with a cute choker necklace for being the best hostess ever. They then parted ways, looking forward to the copious Facetime calls to come until they are reunited in Gainesville for their last NOTURAVG year of college!


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