What Our Futures Hold

We hope that from our previous blog posts you’ve been able to learn a little more about S&J; about our hopes and (sometimes seemingly far-fetched) dreams for our future. Our blog is a compilation of everything that we love and hope to become. But as college students, following our big dreams isn’t that easy- because it isn’t what the AVG college student is “supposed” to aspire to. The typical college student usually has his or her heart set out on a specific company to work for upon graduation. Most people are okay with the traditional route of accepting the ideal job offer from a firm and sticking with said firm for many years, but S&J don’t want that for themselves just yet. We haven’t seen as much of the world or experienced as many new cultures as we hope to. 

Since the beginning of our friendship, the one thing that we’ve had in common is our uncertainty of the future. Because that’s what makes life fun and exciting, right?  Some friends dream of a career in finance or applying to Medical school. They have a set plan and starting salary that most people can only dream of. But we’re a little different from the AVG… We’re more of the creative type, and this blog is the perfect example. We want to follow our love for fashion and the arts, while using our talents in sales and communication careers. But what is going to make us the most happy?


Happy- That’s the key word here. We wish for careers doing something that we absolutely adore. Something that you’re excited to get up out of bed at the break of dawn for, and something that you stay awake late at night asking yourself, “is this my real life?!” We don’t want to follow the crowd and apply for that job that all UF Business students are “supposed to do”. And even though not having that ideal job offer lined up after graduation completely scares us, we know that it’s going to be okay because somehow, someway we always find ourselves in unique situations that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

So for now, we’ll continue to build NOTURAVG and challenge ourselves to new studies and exciting adventures. While J is busy applying for her Master’s Degree in Interior Design, S is studying away and traveling the world to finish her Master’s in International Business. Stay true to yourself and be passionate about whatever you commit yourself to, because your happiness is more important than anything you could ever buy.


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