Monday Activewear Review


Tash and Dev are S&J’s biggest lifestyle icons. Coming from South Florida, S&J adore and relate to their beachy, yet glamorous, personas. To us, they represent two strong-willed women who show that beauty doesn’t have to be the AVG 6-foot-tall skinny model. They represent the epitome of balancing a lifestyle of fitness, healthy eating, and fun!  


As soon as Tash and Dev launched their Monday Activewear line, we knew that we had to have it! The line’s launch happened at the perfect time too because Jamie was about to visit Shir in NYC and they could definitely have the appropriate photoshoot in their new sets. But, what better than have a photoshoot in one of the best NYC workout spots?! It was decided. S&J signed up for ModelFit’s Sculpt Class for Jamie’s weekend trip in the city. [Click here to catch up on S&J’s weekend in NYC & ModelFit review!]


But, to be the completely honest, bloggers which we’ve sworn to be, the Monday Active sets didn’t quite fit us when we first tried them on. Being a size S in most workout clothes, we were shocked when we could hardly squeeze our long legs into the Monday Active sets! Lucky for us, there was a Bandier store close by to do a quick exchange. Once we got the correct size, the sets looked great and felt even better!

☆☆☆☆☆ Bandier is the most chic workout store you can find! With all of the latest athleisure wear, you’ll be sure to find everything your workout-loving heart desires! The outfits fits great, are great material, and fit really well. We recommend saving up for one of their sets; it’s definitely worth your money!



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