That one time S+J became Paris & Nicole

That one time S&J became Paris & Nicole

One of our favorite parts about college is definitely all of the fun themed events. They allow so much room for creativity ft. that childhood costume box that has been in the back of your closet for 10 years. In high school you thought you were too cool to wear any of that stuff… but now we just seem to keep adding to our collections!

The most recent event S&J attended was “Dynamic Duo” themed, and what better dynamic duo is there than to throw it back to the 90’s with Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie from The Simple Life? Follow our adventure to transform into Paris & Nicole below.

First stop: THE WIG STORE. We literally googled “wig store” and sure enough google brought us right to a local beauty shop with probably 50+ different wigs in so many different colors and lengths. The store clerk was the sweetest lady and helped us out as we each tried on a bunch of wigs before we found the perfect ones (see below):

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Step 1: Put on the wigs!! This was a process, you guys- we won’t go into the details… But we think that they ended up looking pretty good for not having spent a fortune!

After putting on the wigs, S&J were gone and Paris & Nicole were ready for a fabulous night out! Call us crazy, but putting on these wigs kind of made us feel like celebrities for the night. Some friends even had to take a second glance to recognize us!


Shir went as Nicole and Jamie went as Paris. We dug through our closets to channel our inner 90’s diva and came out with what we think is the perfect look. We totally captured the Paris & Nicole vibes and, of course, had to have a photo shoot!

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“That’s Hot.”

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In the end we even made it a Dynamic Trio with our friend Harley, who dressed up as a paparazzi!


We have to say it- we were definitely the best dressed at the party that night! Channeling Paris and Nicole vibes through the wigs, sparkly hats and ridiculous 90’s outfits was probably the best theme we’ve done so far. Taking the wigs off was like ripping out part of our inner 90’s girl </3

We hope you enjoyed! Let us know where and how we should wear these fabulous wigs next… 😉


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