NYC Class Pass Review

NYC Class Pass Review

If you keep up with our daily Instagram stories, you’ve probably noticed our obsession with fitness studios & our recent Class Pass experience! 

Class Pass is a monthly membership service that allows you to choose either a 3-, 5-, or 10-pack of classes each month. Virtually all popular NYC studios are on Class Pass, making it so easy to try out all of the studios you’ve probably seen on Instagram!

We purchased the 10-pack last month and were introduced to some amazing fitness studios in the city. We were also able to switch up our AVG workout routines with new types of classes, some of which included boxing and pilates. Sadly, our 10-pack has come to an end (don’t worry, we have more fitness plans in store!) but we would definitely recommend it to anyone!

We suggest getting the 10-pack for fitness junkies and the 3- or 5-pack for those who have a regular workout routine but want to try a few new studios each month. The perks of the 10-pack is that if you really enjoy a specific class, you can attend it up to 3 times. Plus, you receive $40 each time you refer a friend!

Keep reading to learn more about our favorite fitness studios on Class Pass!

1. New York Pilates

Before trying Class Pass, neither of us had ever tried Pilates. Shocking, because this type of workout is right up our alley, but we neither of us have ever found the right studio to try it out – until now! From the beautifully design aesthetic of the facility itself (Jamie’s fave), to the helpful instructors and, of course, the enlightening workout itself, NYP gets an A+ all around!

Being 6 feet tall, Pilates is something we were definitely missing out on. We both tend to struggle finding a workout that is soft on our backs and hips, and this was very accommodating to our needs. If you’ve never done pilates before, it involves using a reformer to strengthen and tone. Our favorite class offered was called Arms, Abs, & Ass, which hit the three areas we love to focus on the most! 

P.S. – If you’re a candle junkie like Jamie, they sell an amazing candle at their SoHo location that just radiates the incredible vibes of the studio! …so you know that Jamie had to get one for her own apartment!

P.S.S. – They sell Outdoor Voices fitness wear with NYP pins attached! It’s an internal struggle to not shop every time we go work out, but it’s all about self-control.

2. Y7 Yoga 

If you like Hip Hop/Rap music + hot yoga, you’re in the right place. This studio was recommended by so many of our friends so we had to try it out for ourselves! Our friends were right – classes at Y7 are almost a religous experience for gangsta rap music luverz like us. Jamie first attended the MIGOS vs. Frank Ocean class, does it get much better than that?!

The yoga itself was incredible and the instructors guide you through a different flow each class, with time to freestyle your flow on your own, too. Now that our Class Pass month is over, we can’t wait to start the two week unlimited classes for only $45 at any Y7 location.


3. Box + Flow

We actually tried Box + Flow at a Wine n Dine app event, but saw that it was on class pass and decided to include it in our review! This class quite literally is the perfect mix of boxing and yoga. And for those of you who are intimidated by boxing, don’t be! It was Jamie’s first time boxing at this studio and she loved every minute of it. 

The classes are very high energy and start out with a great cardio workout. After several rounds of guided boxing (by our incredible instructor, Caitlin) with a punching bag, the class was led through a much needed yoga flow to stretch and relax the body. This was one of our top Class Pass experiences and we can’t wait to book a class again soon!

4. Physique 57

We both were originally hooked to barre when we did a few months of it at Pure Barre in Gainesville (s/o to Moana if you’re reading this – you’re amazing & we miss your classes!). Because of our shared love of barre (again another workout easy on our backs and joints), we wanted to try another type of studio. Our friend Arielle recommended this studio after trying it herself. She said it kicked her butt and she ended up being exactly right!

Tip: If you’ve never done a Physique 57 barre class, sign up for the beginner’s class. Although we’ve done many Pure Barre classes in the past, we chose the beginner’s class and it was definitely a challenge and different from anything we’ve done before at Pure Barre.

5. Flywheel

Flywheel is a popular cycling studio with 10 locations in New York City. We opted for the Sunday afternoon Fly 45, a 45 minute ride, at the Gaansevort Park location, which was a pretty big and very clean facility.

We really enjoyed breaking a sweat and loved talking to our instructor about his fitness experiences after the class. We do have to say, however, that the music wasn’t quite our style – the 90’s rock and Lady Gaga pop songs just weren’t doing it for us. Music makes or break spin classes for us, so this was kind of a turn off.

We’re not much of cycle class junkies ourselves, but we would recommend trying out this studio if you are! The prices are a bit more reasonable than Soul Cycle, but if you can afford Soul stick to it.

6. I.AM.YOU Studio

Located in Little Italy, this hidden studio is almost easy to miss between the many Italian restaurants on either side of the small elevator entrance! The most interesting part about this studio, however, is that it is located in someone’s actual apartment. The owners of the studio decided to open up their own home for their classes, giving it a truly unique feel.

We took the Retox Hour class, which was extremely energizing and a fast paced flow. Our instructor, Jackie, was super helpful in correcting us non-yogis and overall we had a really positive experience.

After the workout we, of course, asked Jackie to take a photo of us in the beautiful loft. We then learned that Jackie also works at the Paige showroom and she later invited us to their Spring rooftop event, which some of you may have seen on our Insta story! Stay tuned for a short video documenting our experience on our YouTube channel.


Have any recommendations for fun NYC fitness studios? Let us know in the comments below!




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