5 Podcasts You Should be Listening to

Being always on the go, we love finding a new podcast to listen to and inspire us! It seems like more and more companies are starting podcasts and we’re loving it! Here are a few of our favorites (found right on the Apple podcast app) that get us through the week:

1. The goop Podcast

This is our newest favorite! We all know and love¬†Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop brand and were ecstatic when we saw that they released a podcast. We weren’t surprised when their first episode debuted with OPRAH as the guest!¬†This episode is a must listen and we can’t wait for more to come!

2. The Balanced Blonde Podcast

Jordan Younger is our go-to for the latest healthy lifestyle trends. She features unique, health-conscious guests such as acupuncturists, digestive health coaches and holistic nutritionists, which makes every episode fresh and interesting! We recommend giving this podcast a listen if you’re into all of the latest wellness trends like Jamie.

3. the mindbodygreen podcast

Mindbodygreen is a website and company based in Brooklyn, NY. They provide lots of useful information about wellness, health, relationships and general positive lifestyle tips. Similar to The Balanced Blonde podcast, they also feature wellness-focused individuals. Some of our favorite episodes are episode 36, when ABC News Anchor Dan Harris explained how a panic attack lead him to incorporate meditation into his daily routine; episode 17, featuring Outdoor Voices’ Founder Tyler Haney; and episode 15 with Flywheel’s CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan.

4. Martinis & Murder

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Hosts John and Daryn and their bartender (who makes a new themed martini each episode) keep the typically horrific subject of murder a bit light hearted with their stories and humor.

5. How I Built This

Dreaming about becoming your own CEO one day like we are? Listen to this podcast to learn more about the success stories of business superstars like the creators of Bumble, Barre3, and Drybar.


Hope you enjoyed our podcast roundup! Let us know in the comments below your favorite podcasts that we should listen to next.




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